Our Ballarat Hackerspace beacon is a hackable IoT widget that lights up, plays sounds and communicates with the Ballarat Hackerspace website's streams. That means you can send messages to your friends or the space itself, receive messages from our sensors and data, write your own animations and much more. 

The beacon is fully open source, runs on a Wemos Wifi chip for connectivity. You'll also get an instruction manual, optional high-five from a committee member, and we would welcome you to bring it in, and we can help you get hacking and make your own features.

It's just $20, and will be an awesome present for that techie in your life that is hard to buy presents for.

By the way, if you wanted to get this, *and* a great deal on a year's membership, head to

That gives you two months free, and we ~throw~ gently place one of these in for you too.

Note: Beacon is shown in red, but will be white. If you want a different colour, let us know and we can try work something out.